Dear all,

Wetsuits are made of Chloroprene ( aka Neoprene )  Rubber (CR)  with a closed cell structure for super low weight, excellent heat‐retention, good flexibility and high resistance to water pressure.

This material is the got to material for wetsuit used in surfing, triathlons, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking and sailing.

Recently, there have been problems in this industry. The global shortage of Chloroprene Rubber (CR) material has been serious since last year. There are also quality issues due to the use of substitute for CR material.

Under the circumstance, our manufaturer has been using 100% Chloroprene Rubber as raw material and supplying high quality rubbers to customers.
However, the amount of orders from all over the world to us has increased dramatically. Reflecting such an unusual situation above, our delivery has been delayed.

In order to meet the increased demands for trustworthy material, we have been working on production increase. The number of workers has increased already, and we will continue to reinforce our production further.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re experiencing problems with inferior quality Chloroprene Rubber. We have the 100% Chloroprene Rubber material you need.