Inflatable stuffing box packings

Inflatable stuffing box packings are used as a back up and maintenance seal.

It is situated in the stuffing box next to the mechanical seal and acts as a safety or back up during maintenance or as a temporary safety seal when the mechanical shaft seal fails or leaks.


  • Mixers
  • Stern tubes
  • Pumps


  • Rubber types available: VMQ (silicone), NBR (nitrile) and FKM (fluoro rubber)
  • Stainless O-ring inflation stem
  • Range : upwards of 70mm shaft diameter

VGP Compliance

All vessels entering American waters must only use biodegradable oils for their propulsion system. For use with these EAL oils Likon has a special rubber grade available. Use our stuffing box seals to keep water and oil completely separated during change over.

Cost effect

Our inflatable stuffing box packings also retain oils in the shaft tube during maintenance. You’ll need less oil to top off.