Silicone hoses

Likonsil™ elbows, straights, hump hoses, etc.

Features and benefits

Likonsil™ silicone hoses and elbows are made from the best quality silicone rubber with polyester, Nomex® or glassfibre reinforcements for optimal performance under extreme conditions. Our silicone hoses and elbows are supplied with a smooth, blue finish to secure superior fitting on piping. Upon request parts can be made with a more economic cloth wrapped finish also.Outer walls have a top layer of silicone. The superior properties and build guarantee a long, maintenance free life of Likonsil™ hoses.


Our standard range of hoses are made using 3, 4 or 5 plies of fabric depending on diameter, with wall thickness and construction depending on service conditions and flexibility required.

Materials and specification are carefully chosen, to provide a hose that offers easy fitting and maximum performance.

  • full silicone
  • translucent, blue and red, other colors upon request
  • tape wrapped
  • smooth, convoluted or castellated outer walls
  • Likon or individual logo


  • 3 ply from 6mm and up
  • 4 ply from 54mm and up
  • 5 ply from 140mm and up

Range, dimensions and shapes

  • internal diameters from ID 6 to ID 220 mm
  • straight hoses
  • elbows : acute (< 90°), obtuse (> 90°), 90° and 180° angle
  • hump and convoluted hoses : please inquiry
  • castellated hoses : please inquiry
  • branched hoses : please inquiry


We stock thousands of silicone and fluorosilicone lined hoses, both straight hoses and elbows.

Standard hoses

  • temperature range -60°C and 180°C without loss of flexibility
  • low compression set, no leaks after mounting
  • hardly any ageing by ozone and UV
  • simple mounting and replacement
  • high chemical resistance to heating and coolant fluids
  • low life-cycle-costs

CAC hoses and Turbocharger hoses

General features

  • 3 ply and up reinforced
  • convolutions to increase flexibility in high vibration situations
  • stainless steel rings for convoluted hoses
  • fluoro liner available for increased petrochemical resistance
  • UV and ozone resistant

Hot side hoses

  • temperature range -60° to +260°C
  • red color

Cold side hoses

  • temperature range -60° to +180°C
  • blue color


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