Silicone hoses

Likonsil™ elbows, straights, hump hoses, etc.

Features and benefits

Likonsil™ silicone hoses and elbows are made from the best quality silicone rubber with polyester, Nomex® or glassfibre reinforcements for optimal performance under extreme conditions. Our silicone hoses and elbows are supplied with a smooth, blue finish to secure superior fitting on piping. Upon request parts can be made with a more economic cloth wrapped finish also.Outer walls have a top layer of silicone. The superior properties and build guarantee a long, maintenance free life of Likonsil™ hoses.


Our standard range of hoses are made using 3, 4 or 5 plies of fabric depending on diameter, with wall thickness and construction depending on service conditions and flexibility required.

Materials and specification are carefully chosen, to provide a hose that offers easy fitting and maximum performance.

  • full silicone
  • translucent, blue and red, other colors upon request
  • tape wrapped
  • smooth, convoluted or castellated outer walls
  • Likon or individual logo



  • 3 ply from 6mm and up
  • 4 ply from 54mm and up
  • 5 ply from 140mm and up

Range, dimensions and shapes

  • internal diameters from ID 6 to ID 220 mm
  • straight hoses
  • elbows : acute (< 90°), obtuse (> 90°), 90° and 180° angle
  • hump and convoluted hoses
  • castellated hoses
  • branched hoses

Standard hoses

  • temperature range -60°C and 180°C without loss of flexibility
  • low compression set, no leaks after mounting
  • hardly any ageing by ozone and UV
  • simple mounting and replacement
  • high chemical resistance to heating and coolant fluids
  • low life-cycle-costs

Charge air cooler hoses and Turbocharger hoses

General features:

  • 3 ply and up reinforced
  • convolutions to increase flexibility in high vibration situations
  • stainless steel rings for convoluted hoses
  • fluoro liner available for increased petrochemical resistance
  • UV and ozone resistant


Hot side hoses

  • temperature range -60° to +260°C
  • red color

Cold side hoses

  • temperature range -60° to +180°C
  • blue color

OAT Coolant Hoses

Likon offers a special range of silicone hoses used with Extended-life organic-acid based coolants

More information to be found here

Euro 6 standard engines

If high vacuum resistance is required, hoses can be constructed with either a wire helix built within the wall or, with internal, stainless steel springs.

Fuel Cell & Hybrid vehicles

Standard silicone may show traces of extractable materials – volatile organic compounds – that can harm fuel cell and hybrid systems. Likon offers silicone hoses lined with a clear silicone liner to minimize the risk of contamination to fluid or air carried by the hose. These hoses are suitable for a wide range applications where any contamination needs to be minimized.

Specials / FDA

Hose and elbows can be made to meet special requirements:

  • branched hoses
  • fluoro lined for improved oil resistance and gas tightness
  • convoluted hoses with stainless steel rings to resist kinking, collapsing under vacuum and dilation under pressure
  • internal reinforcing rings to prevent collapsing.
  • wire reinforced hose for improved bending without kinking
  • FDA approved compounds and construction
  • heat resistant cover for high temperature environments
  • etc…

Keeping up with COVID-19

This rapidly evolving corona-virus (COVID-19) has imposed an unsettling, fluid situation upon our community and its businesses. While the team here still aims to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we are making a number of significant changes to our operations to account for a situation that is far from normal. Governmental orders in the fight against the spread of the corona-virus (COVID-19) lead to the partial or complete closing of several production lines or designation of lines for the production of crucial parts for essential industries like food and pharma. As a direct result confirmed or usual lead times may not be met. In the current situation the delay cannot be determined. With the closing of factories in certain areas we need to make some changes to standard terms. To can keep operational and safeguard our financial position we must change certain terms. These will be announced and confirmed upon receipt of orders. Apologies for the inconvenience. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others!!