Silicone Hose details

Silicone hose details

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Reinforcement fabric

LIKON has a wide range of standard reinforcing fabrics are available to cover most applications. These include polyester, Nomex and woven glass. Temperature, strength and durability determine the fabric used. Standard silicone hoses for heavy duty connections in hostile engine, power pack and marine environments. They resist hardening, cracking, cold leaks, aging, steam, many chemicals.
  • Polyester reinforced hose  -50°C to 180°C
  • Meta aramide reinforced hose -50°C to 230°C
  • Glass reinforced hose -50°C to 260°C
  • Speciale silicone compounds up to 300°C

Physical properties

Good dielectric strength and electrical insulation properties are among the many advantages of silicone. Mechanical properties for the LIKON standard compound can be found in the data sheet. A wide range of compounds to meet special requirements are available.

Operating pressures

Standard polyester reinforced hose are designed to suit the relatively low pressures in radiator and heater hoses in automotive applications. For high pressure applications plies can be added and/or wire helices applied.

Oil and fluid and chemical resistance

Standard silicone compounds are not adversely affected by under bonnet conditions, but should not be used to handle oil or fuel. For these appplications LIKON can offer hoses with special fluoro liners.

Hose clamps

Good quality worm screw hose clamps are essential for proper functioning over a long period of time. LIKON offers special clamps for silicone hoses with underlapping bands or full liners and/or constant torque.


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