Silicone extrusions

Likonsil™ industrial silicone profiles


Silicone elastomer products

LIKON supplies platinum or peroxide cured silicone extruded and moulded products. Service offered is the assembly of these parts.


Many products are available from silicone suppliers that will meet the mechanical profiles, however, when special needs arise, we customize a product through specialty blending to achieve the desired properties. To assist customers in the development or improvement of the components or assembly, it is critical that engineers fully describe the application. Seemingly small performance characteristics can make a big differerce in choice of a compound or the design of a tool. Likon evaluates all ins and outs of a project and applies its experience in the development of newly conceived or re-engineered product to meet and surpass performance goals.


Likonsil™ Silicone Extrusions can be made in any hardness from 10 to 80 Shore A.


Likonsil™ can be pigmented to match virtually any color, even in fluorescent colors. Apart from translucent colors we also offer glass clear extrusions.

Temperature range

Special Likonsil™ grades are capable of withstanding ultra low temperatures.

Features and benefits

  • low compression set
  • good thermal insulating properties
  • fire-resistant grades available
  • resistant to temperatures up to 315°C
  • special grades flexible down to -100°C
  • ozone-resistant
  • approved for food contact applications
  • good elasticity

Metal detectable silicone

Food processing applications often require a silicone detectable by X-ray or metal detection. We can add pigments that will allow detection of Likonsil™.

Compliant with FDA regulations

Virtually all our silicone grades are complient with FDA regulations. If you need certificates of conformity, these can be issued.

Compliant with EG 1935/2004 regulations

We can also provide you with inflatable seal profiles compliant with EG 1935/2004 regulations.

Co-extrusion silicone profiles

Solid and sponge combination.

You can benefit from the typical characteristics of solid and sponge silicone in one profile, where the solid part functions as the base, the sponge silicone part as the sealing surface.

Likonsil™ silicone extruded tubing

Typical applications

  • small and large appliances
  • document processing equipment
  • heat and air conditioning
  • peristaltic pumps
  • automotive hose
  • food and beverage

Likonsil™ silicone extruded profiles

  • fluid mixing tank seals
  • food manufacturing mixer seals
  • bladder seals
  • lighting enclosure seals
  • window seals
  • environmental chamber seals
  • oven and microwave seals
  • refrigerator and freezer seals
  • auto, truck and RV seals

Programme of standard profiles

LIKON can supply you with an extensive standard programme of silicone extrusion profiles. Please call us for available profiles or send us your drawing.

Silicone E-sectionStandard silicone E sections

Silicone P-sectionStandard silicone P-sections

Silicone U-sectionStandard silicone U-sections

Developments, Prototypes, additional possibilities

New developments

Special shapes can be developed for specific applications. Because of the enormous range of standard tools, we offer to find it for you. Please send us your thoughts or requirements.


Prototypes can be produced in as little as 2 weeks.

Additional possibilities

All profiles can be cut to length, many jointed or bonded into O-rings, rectangular gaskets and inflatable seals. Tubing can be punched with ventholes to reduce compression forces.


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