Rubber moldings

Industrial molded parts

Moulded rubber parts

Range of molded rubber parts

  • tules
  • gaskets
  • rings
  • plugs
  • suction cups
  • rubberised canvas seals
  • etc…

Inflatable pipe plugs and stoppers

Typically used for plugging of pipelines especially when there is a small-restricted access.


  • block during maintenance operations
  • water/air test leak locating
  • temporary block to avoid the spill of toxic products


One man installation for most sizes and applications.

Safe and quick

Pipe plugs can be floated down pipes and stopped at any desired location to prevent going down a manhole for installation or removal.


  • high strength flexible materials
  • connections for water or air inflation
  • multi-size applications
  • leak proof
  • suitable for concrete, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, PVC pipes


Custom manufacturing to drawing in any shape, for high temperature and agressive chemical applications.



  • automotive
  • building and construction
  • food industry
  • machinery
  • furniture industry
  • marine
  • etc…


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