Rubber hatch packings

Solid thick outer skin - sponge rubber core

Rubber packings for maritime doors and hatches


Special marine grade rubber seals and packings

  • Resistant to weathering, ozone and UV and salt water
  • with a special PTFE anti stick coating
  • with color coating to match super structure color



Thick solid rubber skin – sponge rubber core

Dual hardness, reduced compression force


Dual hardness rubber packings for compression sealing of yacht and commercial ships doors and hatches. These rubber marine packings are made with a thick, wear resistant solid rubber outer skin that protects the compressible sponge rubber core.

Suited for large transom doors, tender garages and terraces.


Available sizes




The skin is much thicker than the skin you’ll find on normal sponge and cell rubber. It is hard wearing and resistant to cuts. It does have to be inspected regularly since the sponge rubber core isn’t water tight.

General properties

  • Outer : wear resistant solid rubber on the top, left and right hand side of the packing
  • Inner : sponge rubber (ASTM D1056 12A)
  • Color : black


  • Compression deflection @ 25%
    ASTM D1056
    5-9 Psi
  • Compression set @ 50% deflection
    ASTM D1056
    +/- 15%
  • Temperature range
    -20 / + 70


  • Easily glued into place with marine grade adhesive.
  • Outer skin provides watertightness and dimensional stability
  • Inner sponge rubber core reduces compression force

Other dimensions available on request. These may require new tooling

Low durometer solid rubber hatch gaskets

Gaskets for watertight doors and hatches in low durometer solid rubber.

Suited for large transom doors, tender garages, terraces and balconies.




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