Rubber edge sealing profiles

Edge protection

Edge sealing profiles

Rubber edge sealing and edge protection profiles

Rubber edge sealing profiles and edge protection – also called clip on sealing profiles or rubber edge trim –  are made in different materials, depending on the specific requirements. They are used for decoration, protection and sealing purposes.

Used in truck cabs, tractors, motorcycles, ATV fenders, fiberglass, sheet metal and more.


Overview of common standard profiles : PDF

Design considerations

Clamping range, operating temperature, and chemical resistance are important considerations when selecting rubber edge sealing and edge protection profilesedge trims and seal trims.

Bending radius

The bending radius differs for rubber edge sealing and edge protection profiles and depends on the profile dimensions. Please check before selecting.

Clamping range

There are similar rubber edge sealing profiles and edge protection profiles available with different clamping ranges to accomodate the thickness of the edge, flange or lip the edge profile is mounted on.

Rubber materials

Various rubber materials are available  for different operating temperature and chemical resistance. Materials of construction include different types of metals and plastics.

Materials for the sealing profile

  • sponge EPDM
  • sponge Nitrile
  • sponge silicone
  • solid EPDM
  • solid Nitrile
  • solid silicone

Metal carrier cover materials

  • PVC
  • solid rubber : EPDM, Nitrile or silicone



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