Inflatable seal IFS-F24 : 102×32 mm

Grade : fabric reinforced EPDM
Hardness : 60±5° Shore A
Tolerance : E2 ISO 3302-1

Expansion : 45 mm


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Inflatable seal IFS-F24

Fabric reinforced inflatable seal IFS-F24. The base is designed for an easy installation in a groove or clamped to a flat surface.


This inflatable seal can be used many applications such as doors and hatches or as clamps in the paper industry. The fabric reinforcement allows this inflatable IFS F24 to be pressurized with up 3 Bar.


  • straight inflatable seals
  • radial expansion seals
  • axial expansion seals


The design, provides the greatest gap – width coverage when compared to other designs. Ability to fully round out when inflated.