Inflatable seal IFS 60R1 : 35×32 mm

Grade : EPDM or silicone
Hardness : 60±5° Shore A
Tolerance : E2 ISO 3302-1
Pdiff : 0,7 Bar
Inflation P : 0,7 – 1,75 Bar

Expansion : up to 8 mm


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IFS 60R1

Inflatable seal IFS 60R1 : 35×32 mm

Fastened in place by clamping or glueing the base. Provides a good combination of durability, pressure capacity and expansion.


In many applications such as doors and hatches or as clamps. FDA-compliant material, so suitable for medical and pharmaceutical use in sterilizer, autoclaves etc.

Especially suited for fluid bed dryers



  • straight inflatable seals
  • radial expansion seals
  • axial expansion seals