Oil & fuel hoses

Petrodiesel, biodiesel resistant hoses

Standard oil & fuel hoses

Likon fuel hoses are mandrel built and with an oil resistant inner and outer, fibre reinforced and full rubber liner.

These rubber hoses are designed for the transfer of oil and chemical based solutions, especially fuel oils, petrol’s, diesel and oils.

Biodiesel resistant hoses

Biodiesel is an earth-friendly alternative fuel that provides good fuel economy and power output with several health and environmental advantages.

Given the advantages of biodiesel compared to petrodiesel more and more fleetowners have taken up the use of biodiesel – either blended or pure.


  • performance – Biodiesel maintains the same payload capacity and range as conventional diesel, and provides similar horsepower, torque and fuel economy. It also serves as a high-quality lubricant
  • environmentally friendly – Biodiesel is biodegradable, thus dissipates quickly after a spill. It degrades four times faster than petrodiesel and is nontoxic, which makes it safe to handle, transport, and store
  • maintenance – Maintenance requirements for B20 vehicles and petrodiesel vehicles are the same


Special rubber compound

Biodiesel softens and degrades certain types of elastomers and natural rubber compounds over time, which can impact fuel system components.

Our biodiesel compatible elastomer is specially compounded to resist the chemical effect and guarantee a trouble free use of biodiesel, no matter what blend of biodiesel you’re using.



Likon fuel, oil and biodiesel hoses are mandrel built with:

  • oil resistant inner and outer
  • fibre reinforced inner
  • full rubber outer

These constructions allow for low to medium volumes and special shapes. For large quantities, extruded hoses are on offer.



Likon fuel hose bore sizes cover the standard range of 28 to 105 millimeters, special sizes and shaped hoses can be offered at low development costs.


All fuel hoses are built to order, at request we will stock them for you.


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