OAT resistant silicone hoses

Silicone hoses for use with extended life coolants

OAT resistant silicone hoses

For the increased usage of extended life antifreeze – OAT – Likon has developed a special coolant hose, that guarantees a trouble free use of Extended Life Antifreeze coolants. Extended life antifreeze coolants provide excellent and lasting high temperature corrosion protection for aluminium, copper, solder, brass, steel and iron heat transfer surfaces contained in modern engines. This type of coolant can be used from 2000 (in trucks) to 32000 hours (in passenger cars) without changing.

Features and benefits

  • performance – Improved heat transfer and reduction of repairs to thermostats and radiators.
  • environmentally friendly – Extended Life Antifreeze coolants are environmentally friendly cause of the use of carboxylic acids in the additive package.
  • maintenance – This type of coolant is maintenance free and reduces repairs to thermostats and radiators and exchange of coolant.

Our special Likonsil™ XLC Antifreeze Coolant compatible elastomer is specially compounded to resist the chemical effect of extended life antifreeze coolants either blended with regular ethylene glycol or pure. You can use our Likonsil™ XLC Antifreeze Coolant Hoses in any(*) application where these coolants are used.

(*) beware of contaminants like lead


Likonsil™ XLC Antifreeze Coolant Hoses are mandrel built and come with:

  • UV and ozone resistant outer
  • 3 or more ply fabric reinforcements
  • XLC resistant inner liner


Likonsil™ XLC Antifreeze Coolant Hose bore sizes cover the standard range of 6 to 200 millimeters, special sizes and shaped hoses can be offered at low development costs. All Likonsil™ XLC Antifreeze Coolant Hoses are built to order, at request we will stock them for you.


Likonsil™ XLC Antifreeze Coolant Hose have been thoroughly tested under tougher than prescribed by SAE J20 Class A standard using an Extended Life Antifreeze coolant diluted in water. Data is available upon request.

XLC hoses



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