OAT Coolant Hoses

Silicone hoses for use with EURO 6 coolants (OAT / HOAT)

OAT Coolant Hoses

For use with Extended-life organic-acid based coolants

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OAT coolant have become obligatory with the introduction of EURO 6 engines since 2014.

This type of coolant can be used from 2000 (in trucks) to 32000 hours (in passenger cars) without changing.

Hybid OAT coolants provide excellent and lasting high temperature corrosion protection for aluminium heat transfer surfaces contained in modern engines.

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Apart from these positive aspects of OAT coolants, there are some drawbacks:

  • OAT coolants will soften and degrade certain types of elastomers over time, which can impact coolant systems.
  • OAT Coolants that contain ethyl-hexanoic acids are extremely harsh on the silicone hoses.
  • Standard silicone hoses is resistant to higher engine bay temperatures but not resistant to higher Ph-levels and ethyl-hexane acids.
  • Fluoro-silicone liners is not a final solution. These also show premature failures in the field.
  • If the appropriate hose construction is not used, vapours permeate through the wall of the hose and degrade it.

LIKON OAT Coolant Hoses

Formulated specifically for automotive applications


Our OAT COOLANT HOSE compatible elastomer is specially compounded to resist the chemical effect of OAT coolants either blended with regular ethylene glycol or diluted.


LIKON OAT COOLANT HOSE are mandrel built and have the following specifications:

  • Temperature range : – 25 to + 220°c
  • UV and ozone resistant outer
  • Special reinforcement to withstand vibrations


Likonsil™ XLC Antifreeze Coolant Hose have been thoroughly tested under tougher than prescribed by SAE J20 Class A standard using an Extended Life Antifreeze coolant diluted in water. Data is available upon request.


Over 600 dimensions and shapes available

OAT Coolant Hose bore sizes cover the standard range of 6 to 220 millimetres, special sizes and shaped hoses can be offered at low development costs.

XLC hoses


OAT Coolant hose

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