Likon Antimicrobial Rubber (AMR)

Antimicrobial rubber ter voorkoming van de groei van bacteriën, microben, etc.


Bacteriën delen zich elke 20 minuten. Een enkele baterie kan zich vermenigvuldigen tot meer dan 8 millioen in minder dan 24 uur


LIKON Antimicrobial Rubber (AM Rubber)


Protect yourself

LIKON levert antimicrobial, pro-actief rubber dat het metabolisme van bacteriën aanvalt. Het verhindert de groei van bacteriën en microben op machines en materialen. In food en  zuivel handling en processing, verpakking, medische apparatuur en medijnproductie, producten in natte of vochtige omgevingen vergroot ons bacteriostatisch rubber de veiligheid bij bewerking en verwerking. Het vermindert bovendien de tijd noodzakelijk voor reiniging.


LIKON Antimicrobial Rubber is gevuld met additieven die zilver ionen bevatten. Zilver is bewezen veilig bij contact met mensen. Gemengd met onze rubber compounds verhindert het de groei van bacterië, microben, schimmels en gisten. Het is werkzaam tegen een grote groep micro-organismen die vieze geuren, verkleuring, biofouling en andere estetische problemen veroorzaken. Zilver is smaakloos, geurloos, en niet vergitig. Antimicrobial rubber process It Het is werkzaam in verschillen LIKON Anti-microbial Rubber mengsels (en kunststoffen) en geeft eindproducten  bacteriostatische, fungistatische en algistatische eigenschappen.

Blijvende werking

Antimicrobial protection has long been imparted by coating the surface of a material with a liquid or powder disinfectant. LIKON Bacteriostatic Rubber is engineered to provide a non-migratory, long-term anti-microbial effect. After polymerization the active substance is an integral of the end-use part. It stays active over a long period of time. Traditional microbial decontamination involves hot water and detergent with little residual protection. LIKON Anti-microbial Rubber is proactive with residual protection.


With LIKON Antimicrobial Rubber the inhibited growth of micro-organisms means less labour intensive inspections, sterilizations and repairs. It reduces cost and time for a traditional routine decontamination.

No surface degradation

Microbial contamination can induce degradation of rubber surfaces degradation, reducing the life of rubber parts. Therefore the use of LIKON Anti-microbial Rubber is also benificiary in terms of cost.

Variety of Rubber Grades

Currently we can offer EPDM, NBR, FKM (Viton™), VMQ (silicone) and HNBR grades as Bacteriostatic Rubber .

Likon Antimicrobial Rubber explained

The growth of microbes on rubber surfaces can lead to foul odours, discolouration, the formation of mildew and slime. Another potential effect of microbial contamination on rubber components is serious surface degradation. A process that can significantly reduce the component’s operational lifespan. Traditional protection against microbial contamination involves thoroughly cleaning procedures, especially where the rubber components are sited in difficult to access locations, can be costly and time consuming. What’s more, these procedures do not offer residual protection against further contamination. Very often, to ensure compliance with health and hygiene regulations, rubber components are simply scrapped and replaced frequently at significant expense.


LIKON Antimicrobial Rubber is a pro-active antimicrobial rubber that provides residual protection against microbial contamination, thereby dramatically reducing the necessity for a traditional routine decontamination service agenda.


The anti-microbial agent forms an integral part of the rubber compound. It is not simply a skin or liner. The anti-microbial properties always remain active. Furthermore, any abrasion or wear to the surface of the rubber actually increases the exposure of the silver and with it the efficacy of its bacteriostatic qualities.

Test resultsPetri

REDUCTION > 99,999% Tests have shown a very high anti-microbial performance of the treated sample. In fact, the highest possible reductions were measured. Data is available upon request.

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