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News of Likon

EC 1935/2004 silicones

Food grade silicone Likon offers silicone seals, gaskets and compounds compliant with Regulation EC 1935/2004. Consistent with FDA Regulation 21CFR177.2600 for food contact. Animal fat and chemical resistant.

Inflatable seals with heating elements

Heated inflatable seal For use in extreme cold environments, such as arctic expeditions or cryogenic chambers. We can incorporate heating cablesin inflatable and other hollow seals. This widens operating temperatures of rubber seals, ensuring they remain flexible and...

OAT resistant coolant hoses

OAT COOLANT HOSES Compatible elastomer is specially compounded to resist the chemical effect of OAT coolants either blended with regular ethylene glycol or diluted. Standard range of 6 to 220 millimetres Straight, couplers and elbows   LIKON OAT COOLANT HOSE :...

Brake disc coating

Special bespoke parts designed by Likon for hard metal coating of brakes discs. In close cooperation with the customer, Likon has developed a unique, one of kind system of brake disc coating to guarantee proper function and chemical resistance. While the process...

Fluor rubber molded parts with text print

Fluor rubber molded parts with printed text developed to withstand chemical attack in adverse environments. The first challenge was to print text with an abrasion resistant coating on this particular material, the second challenge was complying with very strict...

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