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Brake disc coating

Special tailored parts designed by Likon for hard metal coating of brakes discs. While the process cannot be disclosed, it’s been a privilege to be part of the successful development that takes brake technology to the next level. As the customer put it: “a real historic development.” Less environmental impact, through less wear and less brake dust. Elegant looking, shiny and rust free brakes discs and no more brake dust on...

Fluor rubber molded parts with text print

Fluor rubber molded parts with printed text developed to withstand chemical attack in adverse environments. The first challenge was to print text with an abrasion resistant coating on this particular material, the second challenge was complying with very strict tolerances allowed by the customer. Both goals were...

EG 1935/2004 compliant silicones

Food grade silicone Likon offers silicone rubber compounds compliant with Regulation EG 1935/2004. Consistent with FDA Regulation 21CFR177.2600 for food contact. Animal fat and chemical resistant.  


Mail address

P.O. Box 23
Zeeland, 5410 AA
The Netherlands

Visiting address

Kerkstraat 101
Zeeland, 5411 CK
The Netherlands

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