Medical grade TPE

Medical TPE with desirable properties

Phthalates and halogens free TPE and exceptionally low in extractables

Our medical grade TPE’s Features U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance, extremely low extractables for cleaner compounds that address health, environmental, and safety concerns.

They offer new opportunities for designing cleaner and more eco-conscious medical tubing and compliance with current and anticipated regulations while delivering high performance and quality. TPE’s are recyclable and disposable without releasing halogens.


Standard grades:

Three offer high clarity for applications such as IV tubing, and the other two are translucent and provide excellent high-temperature performance for autoclaving.

  • A high-clarity, flexible TPE made without plasticizers or halogens, it also offers low extractables and is stable under various sterilization methods. Hardnesses 85 / 90 / 95 Shore A
  • Exceptional high-temperature resistant, translucent TPE that can be autoclaved at up to 135°C. Hardness 68 Shore A. Without phthalates or halogens, and offers low extractables
  • Translucent, non-phthalate and non-halogenated TPE with good high-temperature resistance for autoclaving at up to 127 °C. Hardness 57 Shore A.

All grades can be extruded or injection molded and customized to meet specific requirements for feel, modulus, hardness and other properties.


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