Marine wet exhaust hoses

High performance silicone hoses

Silicone and EPDM Marine hoses with Lloyds approval

Flexible connections for marine engine wet exhaust systems:  From engine exhaust manifold to hull or overboard discharge.

Likon offers a range of high performance silicone straights, elbows and bellows for use as marine wet exhaust hoses, and other marine hoses. Manufactured using only the highest quality silicone the hoses are constructed in 4 to 6 ply polyester with blue silicone for use up to 180°C. A special liner in the hoses prevents attack by sulphurous fumes in the exhaust. For higher temperature applications up to 260°C, 4 to 6 ply meta-aramide fabric is used with silicone in red iron oxide colour.

Likon marine wet exhaust hoses meet or exceed SAE J2006

Likon marine wet exhaust hoses meet or exceed SAE J2006. Our advanced materials and designs provide long service life under extreme service conditions, resisting high temperatures, flexing, pressure and vibration.
For lower temperature applications Likon offer black EPDM hoses in straight, elbow and hump designs. EPDM hose is offered with a 5 year warranty. Fixing of our silicone hoses is recommended using double clamps of either ‘T’ bolt or constant torque design.



  • High performance
  • Quality exceeds SAE J2006-R3
  • Available in Silicone and EPDM Rubber
  • Temperature range with high-grade Polyester fabric renforcement  -54°C up to 180°C
  • Temperature range with meta-aramid fabric renforcement -54°C up to 260°C


Custom shapes available upon request (not covered by the Lloyds certification)



Size Range

  • Single Hump: 50.80mm – 304.80mm ID
  • Double Hump: 100.80mm – 405mm
  • Straight: 12.7mm – 813mm

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