Likon inflatable rubber seals

Likon inflatable rubber seals are used in all kinds of industries and applications. Here their unique properties are used to overcome sealing problems or to simplify designs. Our inflatable seals also create save environments. When in use these seals leave nothing to chance.


Industries and applications

With our know how we can offer seals for nearly all industries and applications.

Inflatable seals for pharmaceutical applications

In pharmaceutical industries applications, contaminants building up must be avoided. Likon offers standard inflatable seals with few crevices. These inflatable seals are easy to clean and trap less dirt.

  • Inflatable mixers seals
  • Inflatble sterilizer seals
  • Safety cabinet seals



Inflatable cubical seal

Inflatable seals for ships and yachts

  • Inflatable hatch and door seals
  • Inflatable transom seals
  • Inflatable drive shaft seals
Inflatable seals for yachts

Food processing, food storage and wine making

  • inflatable smoke house seals
  • variable capacity wine tanks with floating lid
  • refrigerator seals


Inflatable seals for building and construction

  • concrete pooring
  • window and door seals
  • man hole seals


Concrete seal

Powder and bulk solids handling

  • Hoppers
  • Big bag filling stations
  • Slide gate valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Mixers


Hopper seal

Automation and robotic handling

  • grippers and clamps
  • actuators
  • production line interruption
Inflatable bladder

Paper industry

  • Pulping machines
  • Doctorblades
Paper industry

Semi conductors

  • Load lock seals

Washing machine seals for the prined circuit board industry

  • Window seals for PCB washing machine for aqueous cleaning of printed circuit boards
  • Pressure controlled inflatable seal
  • Different rubber grades resistant to chemicals and solvents used in the process




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