Inflatable seals, bladders, clamps, grippers

Inflatable seals, inflatable bladders, inflatable clamps, inflatable grippers

Inflatable seals, bladders, clamps and grippers

LIKON inflatable seals are manufactured under tight quality controls to assure conformance to specifications and product uniformity. These homogeneous elastomeric seals show a high modulus of elasticity and considerable tensile strength.

Homogenous – LIKON non reinforced inflatable seals are spliced by means of hot vulcanisation. This means both the extruded profiles and joints are made of the same rubber material. Our seals will therefore expand and retract homogenously through thermic cycles.

A.k.a. – These products are also known as air seal, inflatable gaskets or pneumatic seal. When used to actuate or clamp, customers may also refer to them as inflatable actuators or clamps.




Rubber gaskets are used to create flexible seals between different types of materials in a construction. To create a perfect seal, all elements of this construction have be either perfectly fitting, perfectly aligned and sturdy to create perfect a seal. When designing with compression seals this may cause hard to solve issues. These issues can be easily overcome by the use of inflatable seals. Their sealing ability is less effected by misaligned parts or irregular surfaces and also requires less sophisticated design solution while still assuring a save environment. Of course inflatable seals require compressed air – or another medium such as oil or water – to operate them. In most production facilities, busses, trucks and ships compressed air is already available. Compact compressors are available for occasions where these facilities aren’t available.

Non reinforced

Our non reinforced inflatable seals are homogeneous, which means they are made from extruded profiles with vulcanised joinings. They show a high modulus of elasticity and considerable tensile strength. Non reinforced inflatable seals are designed to be fitted into grooves and are restricted to low pressures to prevent bursting.

Fabric reinforced

These are normally made in moulds (below), but recent developments also allow us to supply continous extrusion of fabric reinforced inflatable sections. These are ideally suited for straight seals with plugged ends. Profiles can be supplied in coils up to 250 metres, depending on the dimensions of the section. These sections are made to customer specification.

Molded inflatable seals

Another method of manufacturing is molding. Molded inflatable seals can be fibre reinforced for higher pressure levels, higher (abrasion) resistance and durability.

Reinforced extrusions

Our newest development are fabric reinforced extruded profiles. Sections are made to customer specifications and are an alternative for seals made in molds.


Recent durability test(*) of our straight seals have shown the outstanding built quality:

  • With compression moulded ends they have shown a life of up to 700,000 cycles.
  • Seals with injection moulded ends even last up to 2,000,000 cycles.

* pressure : 0,85 Bar / 12 PSi

Each inflatable product must pass a mandatory under water leak test.

All parts are inflated with a standard air pressure during these tests.


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