Inflatable seal profiles

Inflatable seal types

Inflatable seal profiles : which is the right one?

To select the right inflatable seal profiles the first considerations are:

1) required pressures and
2) amount of expansion

Sealing pads or extra heavy or uneven loads and rough mating surfacescan be placed atop any of the seals mounted in retainers.

The possible layouts for different inflatable seal profiles range from straight seals, rings, frames, U-shapes to bespoke configurations.

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Inflatable seal profile types

Please select an inflatable seal profile to view available sizes and details.

This programme is currently being set up. It is updated regularly. If the sought after profile is not is listed please let us know or scroll down the page for a list of types. We can also produce custom and bespoke profiles, designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements.


A large selection of the most popular inflatable seals are in stock.


We can supply inflatable seals in most colours, so they blend in or stand out from their surroundings.


– Inflatable seal with base

A seal with base is a popular profile. It can be fastened in place using the foot, while its wall provides a good combination of durability, pressure capacity, and range of travel. There are usually used around doors and hatches.


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– Inflatable Baseless seal

A baseless seal delivers the same performance as the footed seal, but is held in place by friction. It is in places without room for a seal with base or where retainer and counter part can keep it in place. A baseless seal must not be glued in place when the large expansion it is capable is required. Glueing effects the durability and pressure capacity.


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– Channel seal

A channel seal handles heavy duty applications and mounts in a groove or metal retainer that supports its sides and helps keep it in place. It may be held in place by adhesives or simply by friction with the sidewalls.


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– Bead seal

A bead seal delivers relatively large expansion for its width, it can close big gaps, but it’s less durable and allows for less pressure. To withstand wear the contact surface has a bead. Several sections have a snap in base (IFS# 390, 412, 416 and 491).


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– Inverted seal

An inverted seals is held in place with adhesives or by friction with the side walls. This seal is widely used in food and pharmaceutical processing equipment. Straight sides make it easy to clean and it has no crevices to trap debris.


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– Grooved and tapered seal

Grooved and tapered seals handle higher pressures. Expansion is somewhat smaller than with other types. The sidewalls are not reinforced, they stretch when the seal is inflated and this allows the necessary expansion.


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– Plateau top seal

Plateau top seals handle high pressures. Expansion is somewhat smaller than with other types. The sidewalls are not reinforced, they stretch when the seal is inflated and this allows the necessary expansion.


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