EPDM coolant hoses

Likon EPDM radiator hoses and EPDM coolant elbows are made from the best quality EPDM rubber with polyester or aramid reinforcements for optimal performance in under the hood conditions. EPDM hoses are ideal for use with air or coolant, the most important application are engine hoses.

Construction of EPDM coolant hoses

Designed for a wide range of light and heavy duty truck applications where the routing is relatively straight. Straight coolant hoses feature knitted reinforcement and synthetic EPDM construction. Likon EPDM hoses exceed SAE20R4, Class D1 and SAE STD J20 requirements and provide high strength and resistance to ozone and other detrimental environmental elements, coolants, and temperature variations from -30°C) to +120°C).

  • full synthetic EPDM
  • Likon or individual logo
  • fabric reinforced using either polyester or Nomex, preventing splitting, ballooning, and elongation
  • for low pressure applications also without fabric

Note: NOT suitable for fuel or oil transfer

Standard EPDM coolant hoses

  • temperature range -30°C and 120°C, up to 150°C for short periods
  • hardly any ageing by ozone and UV
  • high chemical resistance to heating and coolant fluids
  • low life-cycle-costs


  • Automotive and Industrial
  • Suction/Vacuum hoses
  • Radiator coolant hoses
  • Air and Water hoses
  • etc.
EPDM coolant hoses

Dimensions available

Standard sizes available from stock in straight lengths. Custom sizes and shapes as per customer’s requirement such as elbows, bespoke shaped hoses, reducing hoses, multiple bends, vented hoses and convolution hoses

Keeping up with COVID-19

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