Where the rubber meets the road

Likon is a designer and supplier of industrial rubber products, with competences in various industrial markets. Likon was established in 1982. That means we’ve been doing what we do for… well, a long time.

Out of the box thinking

Our innovative technologies and extensive know how enable us to venture into fascinating markets. For example clean and advanced anti-microbial technologies are playing a part that is getting more and more important. We work towards well thought out designs, not just for optimal function but also to prolong life of industrial rubber products.

Hightech parts – Standard parts

Likon’s high-tech applications are used in many industries – in building, shipping, automotive, food and feed, machines, wind and solar energy as well as in science laboratories. We develop industrial rubber products and technologies that enable customers and create added value for them. We also supply standard rubber and silicone products, such as simple extrusions in solid and cellular rubber, selected to suit your specific requirements.

Added value

Our expertise ranges from consultation in the development phase to the design and engineering and right through to the supply of serial production. Through selection and intelligent combination of technologies Likon is your single source for industrial rubber parts. We create true added value for our customers. Quick responses, quick proposals and the quickest possible delivery are our goal. That is why we work closely with you to optimize existing products and technologies and develop new ones.

Rubber container door seals with molded corners

Rubber Products

Rubber extrusions in natural and synthetic rubber

Door seals with molded corners, rings and U shape frames.

Molded rubber parts

Injection, transfer and compression molded rubber parts to customer specification.

RMA or ISO 3302 M1 tolerances are no problem for us.

Fuel and coolant hoses

Fuel and coolant hoses, FKM lined silcone, Nomex and glass reinforced silicone hoses.

Resistance to biodiesel and extended life coolants

We know our stuff

Our core competence is development and supply of niche industrial rubber products to customer specifications. Apart from application engineered solutions we also supply high quality standard parts from a broad programme of extruded profiles and moulded parts. In EPDM, nitrile, silicone, and eg. Viton® by Dupont.

With our products and services we are in leading positions in different industries requiring special parts and solutions to specification, but we also supply standard profiles and moldings for one-stop-shopping.

In addition to industrial rubber products, LIKON also markets accompanying products in aluminium and plastics and components, such as plastic profiles, machined plastics, machined aluminium, formed sheet aluminium and hoses assemblies.


Industries served

We serve the energy, automotive, shipbuilding, food, dairy, feed and pharmaceutical industry, as well as building and construction, commercial transportation and other industrial markets.

Although these industries have their specific requirements, accurate definition of requirements, intelligent design and good service allows us to serve them all.

Brake disc coating

Special tailored parts designed by Likon for hard metal coating of brakes discs. While the process cannot be disclosed, it’s been a privilege to be part of the successful development that takes brake technology to the next level. As the customer put it: “a real historic development.” Less environmental impact, through less wear and less brake dust. Elegant looking, shiny and rust free brakes discs and no more brake dust on... read more

Fluor rubber molded parts with text print

Fluor rubber molded parts with printed text developed to withstand chemical attack in adverse environments. The first challenge was to print text with an abrasion resistant coating on this particular material, the second challenge was complying with very strict tolerances allowed by the customer. Both goals were... read more

“From LIKON you get what you need, not just what you ask for!”

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